New Installations for Your Home’s HVAC Systems in the Greater LA Area

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New installations

Service Genius helps Southern California homeowners install new HVAC systems in two different scenarios using the latest digital diagnostic tools. First, customers who are building a new home from the ground up come to us to design a highly cost- and energy-effective system right into the blueprint. We ensure that vents are placed in the ideal locations, the system is large and strong enough to control the temperature in the whole house, and all the ducts behind the walls are airtight against dust and fiberglass particles. Second, we help homeowners decide when a new HVAC system will actually be more affordable than continuing to repair a less effective, older one. With the rising cost of utilities in Southern California, this may be sooner than you think!

Emergency services

We all know how crazy the LA traffic is. Accidents and breakdowns happen when you least expect them, and certainly not always during business hours. Service Genius has a mobile repair team on call 24/7 to diagnose and repair a broken Furnace, busted boiler, or A/C on the fritz. Southern California weather can make a broken system a big deal, so call us anytime to keep your household comfortable.

Maintenance plans

Maintenance is critical to the life of your system, so we offer regular plans to fit your life. For example, you may already know that you air conditioning filter needs to be changed as often as every 30-90 days, but there’s more to an efficient and clean system than that. Beyond normal filter changes, your air conditioning and heating systems require maintenance just like your car. Our maintenance plans help prevent costly repairs down the line and keep your unit functioning at peak efficiency, year after year. We use current technology to monitor your system year after year.

Since your system is made up of both an air conditioning and heating system, we recommend a plan that includes two visits per year, and most homeowners schedule these visits in the swing seasons between a hot summer and chilly winter. The service ensures that your system is ready for the upcoming weather change. Additionally, routine maintenance is required by all equipment manufacturers’ warranties in order to stay covered. Units that breakdown due to a lack of maintenance may not be covered under warranty, so our maintenance plans satisfy these requirements and protect your investment.

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