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When your family’s comfort is suffering, there is no better place to call than Service Genius. We realize that replacing your home’s Air Conditioner, Furnace, boiler, or Heat Pump is a big decision, and we don’t take that lightly. Our professionals will guide you through the process of identifying your home’s individual needs, your family’s needs, and finally selection of the best system for you.

Six reasons to choose Service Genius

Independent verification: Each Service Genius project is independently inspected for performance and quality by a third party to ensure a perfect job.


Maintenance included: We want your air conditioner to work properly, so we include one year of free maintenance visits with every new installation.


Experience: Our team is a group of highly experienced professionals. If there’s a problem, we have the background and training to solve it.


Compliance: Service Genius complies with all federal, state, and local laws, including insurance, licensing, and safety guidelines. It’s a core element of how we do business that will never change.


Hiring practices: All employees at Service Genius earn a living wage and are paid in compliance with federal and state law. We believe that taking care of our employees is the first step to ensuring your received a high quality of care that goes above and beyond. Our growing business is proof that this strategy works, and you can visit the Join Our Team page if you’d like to become part of our success!


Focus on training: We focus on development of our employees with weekly training meetings to stay up-to-date on current safety and technology practices.

The right experience for the job

Whatever budget you have in mind, Service Genius has you covered. From small projects to large remodels, we have the expertise and patience to get it done right the first time. After all, anyone can install an air conditioner that will cool your home. What requires professional expertise is properly sizing the system, designing and sealing the ductwork, and verifying that the system runs efficiently once it’s installed. Cut-rate contractors do not have the time or patience to address these issues that will cost you thousands over the life of your equipment. These details, if ignored during installation, will decrease the life of your equipment significantly. A couple examples of tasks commonly skipped are nitrogen purging the refrigerant lines while brazing or pulling the system into a deep vacuum after installation. Both of these tasks add time to the project, but will have a severe impact on your system if skipped. Customers choose Service Genius because they know that no matter the job, we don’t cut corners.

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Our focus on quality, safety, and training set us apart from the rest