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At Service Genius, we work to make our repairs and system installations affordable for all homeowners throughout Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, without sacrificing quality. Which is why we oftentimes offer special promotions for both new and existing clients. Our team understands that caring for your home is an important part of caring for your family, so it’s our mission to help you afford the services you need for your air conditioning, heating, and more!

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Up to $1,200 off on Installations with our 2020 Energy Rebate

Receive $75 off any Repair

A culture of quality

At Service Genius, we recognize that even the most trained and professional technicians sometimes aren’t perfect. We accept that fact, but we don’t accept that our customers might have to deal with anything less than perfect. That’s why we’ve teamed up with an independent third party to verify the quality of each of our jobs. If the slightest issue is found, we are back out to correct the problem, right away. Quality is a culture within our team.

Our Response to Covid-19

At Service Genius, we recognize that times have become difficult for many homeowners and small businesses alike. One of the many things we have done to step up responsibly for our community is by creating a care plan to help homeowners save money during these times of economic uncertainty. Introducing our Covid Cooling Care plan, we are providing equipment maintenance service to homeowners in our service area for as little as $14/ mo.

By ensuring our clients are better maintaining their existing equipment, we can help extend the life of their equipment, saving our clients thousands of dollars in potential replacement costs. We also increase the efficiency of our clients equipment, saving even more money on their energy utility bills.

Families have so much more to worry about, their air conditioning equipment should not be one of them.

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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is offering qualified customers an opportunity to improve the performance of their air conditioning system(s) through its AC Optimization Program.

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Affordable repairs

Neglecting repairs or new installations because you aren’t confident that you can afford them is a risky thing to do. Broken systems in your home can continue to deteriorate, cause further damage, become increasingly expensive to replace, and even present a risk of danger to your property or family. Because we put customers first, Service Genius wants to save you money in the long run by ensuring you can get the maintenance you need today. That’s why we now offer financing plans to alleviate the upfront cost and allow you to fix things now before the problem gets worse.

Flexible payment plans

Service Genius offers a few different financing options to give you choices when it comes to how and when to pay for home repair services. These options include flexible payment plans so you can pay a low monthly rate instead of one upfront payment. Our mission is to keep your home running smoothly…without breaking the bank. Talk to our team today about our current financing plans and find out which one is best for your budget and the services you require.

Find out if you qualify

For our qualifying applicants, our financing plans make payment easy. We have a simple process with few restrictions to make sure you’re eligible for a flexible payment plan, so contact Service Genius today to find out if you can take advantage of our special financing options. Our team will answer all your questions and help you plan to get the quality repairs or installation service you deserve.

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