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Air quality and respiratory problems

According to research by Harvard Medical School*, stale indoor air can exacerbate respiratory problems (including asthma flare-ups), fatigue and sleepiness, or even digestive issues. Most of the allergens causing these problems are odorless, so you won’t know if your house is vulnerable, but we do know that poor air quality means an increased amount of unpleasant particles including allergy-inducing dust mites, pet dander, and mold spores circulating through your house.

Monitoring your system

Service Genius can help you follow the doctor’s orders for air quality and safety with regular system maintenance. This allows our professional team to inspect the functionality of your HVAC system so you know exactly when it has to be repaired or replaced before becoming unsafe or allowing contaminated air into your home. We’ll us the latest technology to test home air quality (IAQ) as well as check the following:

  • Test the shut-off valves
  • Check for water leakage
  • Assess the function of the controls and safety devices
  • Test the indicators and pressure gauges
  • Check and clean the fuel feed system and burners
  • Clean and remove the build-up of dirt, soot, and other debris inside the ducts
  • Inspect for corrosion
  • Test for overheating
  • Examine external piping for leaks

When to call in the HVAC experts

If any of these areas is blocked, malfunctioning, dirty, or damaged, your system isn’t operating efficiently or keeping your air clean. If possible, we can repair and maintain these parts, but evaluating them regularly will indicate when it’s time to invest in a new unit. If the single upfront cost isn’t an affordable option for you, that’s ok. Service Genius wants you and your family to be safe with a new boiler and not live with a dangerous or old one, so ask us about our financing plans to make boiler replacement accessible.

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