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There are more chemicals in our homes now than ever before. At Service Genius, we pay close attention to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) because we know that these chemicals can cause our families harm. Scientific studies have linked particulate exposure to a variety of health impacts, including eye, nose and throat irritation, aggravation of coronary and respiratory disease symptoms, and premature death in people with heart or lung disease. Smoke, laundry detergent, cleaning chemicals, furniture and paint, and other common household items can all contribute to the problem, so contact Service Genius for an air quality inspection and home audit to find ways you can be healthier in your own home.

Airflow is key

Airflow is the key function of your duct system, and is how your system functions. Without proper airflow, your equipment will not perform efficiently and it will have maintenance problems down the line. Service Genius technicians look for potential airflow problems on every visit to ensure your system lasts for years. This includes finding and correcting duct leakage, return air, and supply air using up-to-date technology.

Seasonal protection

At Service Genius, we recommend regular maintenance plans and inspections that align with the two big risk seasons: spring and fall. In the spring, pollen and other airborne allergens can even irritate people who aren’t normally sensitive to airborne particles. Meanwhile, the fall, cold and flu season can hit your household hard if germs and bacteria have free access to your airflow through the duct system. With periodic visits from our team, we’ll ensure that your ventilation system is always in top shape and ready to catch any kind of airborne particulate that might interfere with the healthy activities of your normal family lifestyle.

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