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Service Genius offers a three-pronged approach to improve the air quality in your home. To start, we seal any and all ductwork that pulls attic air into your home. Attic air is usually contaminated with fiberglass insulation particles, dust, and even rodent feces. If these particles are filtering through your vents, you’ll never get completely clean air inside.

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As part of our service visit, we’ll recommend and install an appropriate filter depending on the nature of containments in your home, and whether anyone in your family is especially sensitive to allergens or asthmatic. We can sell and install everything from fiberglass filters to heavy-duty HEPA filters, so we’ll explain which options you can consider.

Finally, we go above and beyond to audit the potential sources of pollution in your home. For example, we recommend only purchasing products bearing the “Safer Choice” label. These are products that have been shown to be better for your health than products without the certification. These steps are your first line of defense against poor indoor air quality, controlling the chemicals and other substances in your home before they even reach the vents.

Indoor air quality technology

In Southern California, many homes were built before modern HVAC building codes existed. These homes use wall cavities or the space beneath stairwells as a return air duct. The state has since banned this practice because the cavities were found to be extremely leaky. In fact, many homes with this kind of setup draw nearly 100% of their air from the attic, where contaminants are most concentrated. We still encounter these wall cavity returns every day and use modern, cost-effective solutions to save you money and clean up your air.

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