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Common reasons to call us

Some of the main reasons that it’s time to call us include issues we encounter every day.

Reason 1: System not cooling. Your thermostat is on and the system is blowing air, but it’s not cold. This is a common problem that may have a number of causes. Call a technician to help! We can usually Repair an ineffective system in a single visit.

Reason 2: Unit won’t start. Your thermostat isn’t on and neither is your system. This could indicate a larger problem, but many times the issue can be traced back to something simple that we can repair in one visit.

Reason 3: There is a strange smell. Your system is running, but there’s a strange smell in your home. This could be an indication of a refrigerant leak, or just a dirty system. We’ll inspect for leaks and also test your air quality to make suggestions.

Reason 4: Strange noises coming from your unit. Your unit is making strange noises, like banging, grinding, growling, or popping. It may be releasing a strange smell. We recommend shutting the unit off immediately. If it’s a serious problem, it may take one to two days to fix.

Don’t see your A/C issue?

Don’t see your A/C issue on this list? That’s OK. This list is only a compilation of the most common air conditioning problems Service Genius technicians encounter. If your system has a problem not on this list, we can help. And it doesn’t automatically mean your system is beyond repair. Just give us a call, because our courteous operators are standing by and our technicians are ready to help you anytime. Our professional staff will ensure your concerns are addressed and your system is repaired as quickly as possible.

If you have a non-emergency questions, you can connect with us in several ways. Send us your questions in an email at info@svcgenius.com, or message us on Facebook @svcgenius. We’re here to help you take control of your air conditioning!

The only team you need

Systems break; we fix them. And we’re pretty good at it, too! Service Genius only employs top talent. All of our service technicians are seasoned experts with a dedication to honesty, integrity, and education. Even in the middle of the night, you can feel safe and confident that our technicians will resolve your issues quickly and professionally.

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