Planning a Furnace Replacement in the Greater LA Area

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The risks of poor installation

The quality of your installation work is the number-one factor in its performance. Poor quality installation will not only decrease your system’s life, but it can also impact your family’s health and safety. That’s because a furnace is a potentially dangerous appliance that must be installed carefully. It’s common for Service Genius technicians to visit homes with furnace safety problems due to poor installation, so make sure your system is right the first time with our help. All of our HVAC technicians attend routine training to ensure deep knowledge of up-to-date safety standards during both installations and repairs.

What to consider in your furnace replacement

As the heart of your heating system, the furnace is the machine that burns gas to produce heat for your home. Furnaces carry several ratings that are important for you to understand, as they affect the way the furnace will heat your home and impact your monthly utility bills.

  • AFUE: The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency is the efficiency of the unit. A higher AFUE rating means more heat is carried into your home for each bit of gas burned. In general, a higher AFUE will mean more savings on your heating bill.
  • Variable, Dual, and Single Stage: These categories refer to the ability of the furnace to slow down and speed up the blower and the burners. Variable units are best able to keep your home at a constant temperature.
  • Maximum Temperature Rise: This is the maximum amount air may be heated in the furnace and will be dependent on your installation. Exceeding the recommended temperature rise will decrease the life of your furnace and create unsafe conditions.

Variable, two-stage, or single-stage?

The more flexible a furnace is, the more constant it can keep the temperature in your home. A single-stage furnace can only work at 100% heat, so it will heat until your home reaches your thermostat’s set point, then turn back on when it gets a few degrees cooler. Two-stage units can run at 50% heat as well as 100%, and only use 100% for heating up a very cold house. This allows the unit to run longer and circulate warm air more continuously in the background rather than run full-strength or not at all. Variable speed units are the top of the line option and will keep temperatures in your home nearly constant.


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