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When a critical part of your home’s systems suddenly stops working, life inside grinds to a halt. At Service Genius, we recommend regular maintenance and preventive repairs to keep your Heating and cooling systems in good working order, but sometimes even the best care doesn’t stop an unexpected issue. When that happens, our team of mobile technicians is ready to help you anywhere in the San Fernando Valley at any time of day or night. After all, you don’t control when your AC goes on the fritz!

Emergency services

Service Genius can provide any of our regular repair services as an emergency after-hours fix. That includes all types of heating and Air Conditioning systems, Furnaces, boilers, Heat Pumps, and more. Whether you just need a small part or our technicians dismantles and reassembles your unit to get it working properly, we don’t stop until your home is back under control. To read more about our emergency services for specific home systems, please visit the Emergency Repairs pages listed under each of our service areas.

Don’t delay when you need repairs

If you have an emergency breakdown outside of our normal business hours Monday through Saturday from 7:00am to 5:00pm, Service Genius will still be available to take your call and send our special mobile team to your location at home or work. We’re committed to after-hours care because we put our customers first, and because furnace malfunctions and other home issues can be serious or even dangerous if not repaired quickly. When you need a service technician to visit for a repair, please call us right away and minimize the risk to your family, home, and further damage.

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Get emergency home repairs for your air conditioning, heating, and more when things go wrong.